The Full Potential of Plant-Based Food Innovation for a more Delicious World.

A shared interst in both creative cooking and entrepreneurship brought together founders Piero Brunetti, Frank Riedel & Pascal Gehrer. With their joint project Mondarella, they are now bringing their love for quality vegan cuisine and good food to market.

In collaboration with a collective of Italian ‘nonnas’, award-winning chefs and food scientists, after countless test runs and hundreds of hours in the Mondarella test kitchen, the first product saw the light of day. Mondarella Classic is inspired by the traditional Italian Mozarella recipe, but based on almonds, made with simple, natural products only and is 100% plant-based.

Other innovations followed, and in 2020, with a new branding concept, Mondarella was ready to conquer supermarket shelves — first in Germany, and then in the whole of Europe.

Our Philosophy

Established 2021, Forever Vegan.

We stand for plant-based products made to make the world a more delicious place. That’s why we pledged to create outstanding taste experiences from natural ingredients.

We’re inspired by artisanal cheese tradition, but were looking to combine it with a modern outlook on food and its impact on the world. That’s why Mondarella products have a significantly smaller eco-footprint than the outdated alternatives.

Great taste and high quality standards: Our clean label products stand out for their quality ingredients, expert workmanship and distinct love for detail.