100% vegetable.
200% pleasure.

Now also in the refrigerated section

We love cheese.
It just needs an update.

That’s why all Mondarella products are made from 100% plant-based, high quality ingredients.

Good for you and for the planet.

Our Products

Mondarella Classic

Where it all started: Our Mondarella Classic was inspired by the authentic Italian Mozzarella-recipe.

We just chose to make it from the best plant-based ingredients available. Premiered in 2020 as the world’s first vegan Mozzarella — this right here is the original!

Very aptly named, these fresh creams are (a) fresh and (b) creamy — and made from the best ingredients we could find.

Great on a sandwich and super-versatile for cooking and baking, too. Available in three flavours.

Mondarella Pastasan

A topping for almost everything. Aromatic, umami and perfect for (not just) classic Italian pasta dishes.

With about 20% protein, our Pastasan is not only very indulgent, but nutrient-rich, too.

Soft White

Inspired by classic French soft cheese, but 100% vegan and made from natural ingredients only.

Our Soft White is made from all-natural ingredients and has that special melty texture and noble mould.

New rule: No barbeque is complete without our chewy-melty-super-tasty Mondarella BBQ patty.

Available in three flavours.

In Development

We want your selection in dairy isles everywhere to become more varied and exciting. That’s why the Mondarella-kitchen is never standing still.

Here’s a first glimpse into some of the exciting new developments we have in the works right now.

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