Inspired by European cheese tradition — just plant-based.

Mondarella merges traditional craftsmanship with real food innovation for a new level of indulgement:

Mouth-watering creations, made from100% naturaland vegan ingredients only.

Our Products

Mondarella Classic

Where it all started: Our original is inspired by the authentically-Italian Mozzarella repice, but made from the best plant-based ingredients only.

Free from lactose, soy, gluten, preservaties, artificial coloring or flavors or flavor enhancers. Packed with good stuff (and a lot of almonds).

Mondarella Fresh Spread

Our new creamy spreads live up to their name. It’s great on a sandwich and super-versatile for cooking and baking. Count on it to deliver freshness, creaminess and a subtle acidity to your favorite dishes.

Versatile, Mondarella fresh creams provide freshness, creaminess and a gentle note of acidity not only as a spread on bread, but also in cooking and baking.


A topping for almost everything. Nutty and aromatic and perfect for (not just) classic Italian pasta dishes.

With close to 20% protein, our Pastasan is not only very indulgend, but nutrient-rich, too. Made with just a few ingredients — the most important: Almonds.

Soft White

Inspired by classic French soft cheese tradition, but 100% vegan and made from natural ingredients only. Mondarella’s new Soft White is made from all-natural ingredients and has that special melty texture and noble mould the mouth-feel.

Best served on a picnic blanket with some bread.

BBQ Patty

From now on, no barbeque is complete without our chewy-melty and super-tasty Mondarella BBQ patty.

Available in three flavors, aromatic, creamy and just perfect as a side to classic grillables or as the main dish with a summery salad.

In Development

We want the selection in dairy isles everywhere to become more varied and exciting.
That’s why the Mondarella kitchen never stands still.

We show some of the exciting developments in the works here.

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