Inspired by European Cheese Tradition — but 100% Plant-Based.

At Mondarella classic craftsmanship meets genuine food innovation and exquisite, natural ingredients: 

The creations from the Mondarella kitchen now make vegan enjoyment even better.

Our Products

Mondarella Classic

Where it all started: Our original is inspired by the authentically-Italian Mozzarella repice, but made from the best plant-based ingredients only.

Free from lactose, soja, gluten, preservatives, artificial colors, artifical flavoring and flavor enhancers.

Mondarella Fresh Cream

Our new cream spread is aptly named, because it’s very fresh and very creamy indeed — and made from the best ingredients only. Wonderfully creamy, versatile and made from the highest quality ingredients.

Mondarella Fresh Cream is great on a sandwich, super-versatile for cooking and baking. Count on it to always deliver freshness, creamyness and a subtle acidity.

In Development


Riped Indulgence

Refined with precious spices and herbs and made from almonds.

Refined with precious spices and herbs and made from almonds.


A creation modeled after classic French soft cheese, but made with precious almonds instead of cow’s milk.

Enriched with vein mould cultures, this innovation’s nut-like, smooth flavor is just captivating.


Mondarella in Brine

A world’s-first: Our new Mondarella in brine is creamy, cool, mild and delivers that special ‘dolce’-mouth feel.

Vegan mozzarella you’ve never tasted before.

Made from the best almonds on earth it’s cramy perfection on pizza, as a classic caprese, in a sandwich or just solo.

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