The Full Potential of Plant-based Food Innovation!

We love cheese. The taste, the mouth-feel, the smell.

It just needs an update.

Mondarella is a team of unapologetic cheese lovers, gourmet chefs and scientists, connected by their shared love for creative cooking and great food.

They came together to reimagine cheese:
100% plant-based, made from natural ingredients only — and with a much smaller environmental footprint.

The first products hit the shelves in supermarkets in 2021 — first in Germany, with other European countries following.

But this is just the beginning. A broad selection of new product innovations are being prepared for market entry as you read this.

The future is cheesy!

Our Philosophy

Established 2021.
Cheesy Forever.


We want our products to make the world more delicious — and to be less wasteful than their milk-based predecessors.


We exclusively use premium-quality, natural ingredients. No fillers, no hydrogenated fats, no artificial flavours.


Great taste and high quality standards: Our products will convince you with quality ingredients, gentle preparation and an eye for the details.

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